New Designs for 2020

Nemesis Now Ltd

The designs below are available exclusively from Nemesis Now Ltd stockists.

Baphomet Bust, Andrew Bill, Nemesis Now, occult, pentragram, wiccan
Baphomet Bust finished wax (8)

Baphomet Bust

Click on the image for more work in progress images.

Baphomet Goblet finished piece

Baphomet Goblet

Baphomet Goblet

Baphomet Hand (wax)

Baphomet Hand wax
Baph hand finished wax

Viking Tankard 

Viking Tank Bronze
Viking Tank Bronze (1)resized.jpg
Viking Tank WIP (3)resized.jpg
Viking Tankard body (7)resized.jpg

Earth Mother

Earth Mother (13)resized.jpg
Earth Mother
Earth Mother finished (12)resized.jpg
Earth Mother finished (3)resized.jpeg

Slipknot Goat Bust

Slip Knot Goat finished
Slipknot Goat Bust
Slipknot Goat Master
Slip Knot Goat finished

Rick and Morty Chess Pieces

Birdman master (2)resized.jpg

Gothic Angel

Gothic Angel
Gothic Angel

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