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Hoarder and I

About me

Born and raised in the historic village of Brewood and still live in Staffordshire, close to the Potteries (Stoke-on-Trent). 

I have been sculpting professionally since 1984 and, as well as producing work under my own name, have worked with companies including Coalport China, Wedgwood, Royal Doulton, Danbury Mint, Holland Studio Craft, the and most recently Nemesis Now.

I guess I am probably best known for being the creator and author of the fantasy range Enchantica.

I'm nuts about history, big fan of the Bernard Cornwell Saxon series, amongst others, especially as living in the heart of the ancient kingdom of Mercia, you can't chuck a stick around here without hitting a Saxon or Viking relic.

I love folklore, legends, and the artists who portray same - Arthur Rackham, Heinrich Kley, etc.

I love the organic flow and grace of Art Nouveau and can't help working eye-luring twists and flourishes into my sculpting.

I love wildlife and nature and with the family do what I can for our little buzzing friends in our garden.

Obviously I'm into fantasy art - far too many influences to mention here but I suppose I'd have to credit Harryhausen, Frazetta and the like for sowing the seeds.

Always loved Doctor Who and just wish they'd get some decent writers back to it and worry more about storytelling and less about being worthy.

I am currently reading Dream Songs - a short story collection by George RR Martin. After that I'll probably re-read Lord of the Rings - always manage to find something new in it every time.

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